It’s becoming difficult to recount all of the instances I’ve personally encountered in which a basic lack of understanding of the United States Constitution is used to justify President Dotard’s orders. Today, these mainly center around due process, what it actually means, and who gets it. So let’s clear someRead More →

I unabashedly love professional wrestling. Current mega-star Austin Watson (who has his PhD in educational psychology), better known as Xavier Woods of The New Day, once described pro wrestling as the last bastion of theater in the round. More recently, he offered these thoughts: You ever think about how weirdRead More →

People. Just because some kids and teachers were mowed down in the weekly terrorist attack by an economically anxious white boy doesn’t mean we need to DO anything. There are plenty of things we, as a country with no gun issues, need to address. Without further ado, here is aRead More →

I didn’t watch the White House Correspondents’ Dinner live because I never do. I rely on other people to suffer through the drudgery of self-important assholes congratulating themselves on how awesome they are and let me know (with a time stamped video) what few seconds to watch. Like when ObamaRead More →

From the Associated Press, on February 26 at 11:15 a.m. President Donald Trump is telling the nation’s governors that he would have run into the deadly Florida high school shooting “even if I didn’t have a weapon.” That’s interesting, since he could have run into Vietnam five different times, withRead More →

I genuinely don’t know which direction to take my rage about America’s obsession with guns. Yes, rage. I’m beyond being disappointed, sad, or hopeless. I’m beyond angry. I have genuine hatred for the people and politicians who put their disgusting “need” to own killing machines ahead of anyone else’s desireRead More →

BREAKING NEWS: The state of the union is strong, because that’s what every fucking president says, regardless of the truth. The difference this year, when we inevitably hear “and God bless America” at the end, it’ll be an accused rapist, sexual assaulter, grifter, open racist saying these things. Literally everyRead More →

Every day, I wake up and while I’m getting ready, I make the mistake of checking Twitter. I formed that habit a long time ago, when staying current with the news was a good thing or, at minimum, had no impact. These days, though, man. It’s hard getting through brushingRead More →