GOP: Fuck Due Process

GOP: Fuck Due Process

It’s becoming difficult to recount all of the instances I’ve personally encountered in which a basic lack of understanding of the United States Constitution is used to justify President Dotard’s orders. Today, these mainly center around due process, what it actually means, and who gets it.

So let’s clear some shit up before we get into the scary ass stuff.

Frighteningly enough, many people don’t even know what it means. Basically, it means you can’t be locked up and have the key thrown away without being able to contact a lawyer prior to an actual trial and seeing a judge (except if you’re expected of being a terrorist, because brown people are scary). So, while the whole “I have a right to one phone call” line you see in movies is actually bunk, there are some protections afforded by the Constitution.

Yes, that pesky Constitution, which apparently is more than the Second Amendment (a shock to some). Most in the MAGA camp are claiming people seeking asylum on the southern border of the good ol’ U.S. of A. are not afforded due process because they are not citizens. All of these same people wrap themselves in the Constitution (incorrectly) when it comes to justifying their idiocy.

They’re all absolutely, 100% wrong (pending any new, currently unplanned SCOTUS interpretation which, to be honest, is not out of the realm of possibility).

The slaveowning writers of the Constitution chose their words very carefully. “Citizen” is used a lot. The 14th Amendment, which guarantees due process doesn’t use “citizen,” though.

It uses “person.”

This is the point at which Trump and his ilk take their fingers off their guns and plant them directly into their ears, because they don’t want to hear this truth.

The intent was that any person (and at the time, that basically meant white men) was due the basic decency of actual justice. So, if you’re on US soil, the portion of the Constitution containing due process applies to you.


Regardless of where you are from.

That’s why Bush and his cronies had to get around due process laws with their “enemy combatant” horse shit during the neverending wars in the Middle East. People captured during those wars were being held indefinitely, but they were enemies and bad and were going to blow you up and make you kneel during the National Anthem, right?

Well, not really. And that is news from 2009.

This past weekend, in 2018, there were several checkpoints set up across the country asking people for their papers. The law states these are legal within 100 miles of a border, and conservative, Trump-ball-licking states are jumping at the opportunity to hassle some brown people. There were rumors online of checkpoints in Indiana which shows 1) someone either believes people are coming into the country through the Great Lakes or they’re using that as an excuse to harass brown people and 2) if that’s actually true, someone needs to tell people sneaking into the country and settling in Indiana that it’s Indiana.

“But,” your white ass asks, “how does this impact me?” After all, Americans are selfish.

Without due process, ANYONE can be pulled from their house, car, tree house, WHEREVER, and be detained indefinitely. Even YOU. No one has to be notified. You won’t have a chance to prove shit. You are 100% fucked, eternally. There is news out of Oregon that a federal judge is trying to do the right thing, but it will most definitely be challenged by the administration.

President Dotard’s approval rating currently sits around 40%. That means 60% of us are at risk of getting disappeared, because that’s how he works. By “he,” I mean Vladimir Putin.

That’s why you need to care. That’s why due process is important.

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