Let’s Have a Mission Statement!

Let’s Have a Mission Statement!

If you ever want me to tune out in a meeting, start talking about developing mission and vision statements.

Companies spend a lot of money (read: time) on developing mission statements. And visions, can’t forget about visions. I get it, they need something for commercials and other media, but everyone must realize the company’s true mission is to “make as much money as possible” and the vision is, “fuck you, we already told you the mission, where’s my money?”

But usually in italics and in PowerPoint.  Maybe with some ClipArt.

PropCulture needs a purpose.

I’ll eventually develop a feel for what I plan on focusing on long-term, what makes me happy to put down in writing, and with that, categories will be added to the already existing POLITICS (dealing with, well, politics) and META (mainly site and other PropCulture related news). Also, the previous statements shows I am clearly in the Oxford comma camp, and if you don’t use it you can go to hell.

I cope with our current reality by being funny, so expect gallows humor up until America’s president launches nukes and sends us into a bottle cap based economy. If you don’t find what I write to be funny, please find someone to read it to you because your reading comprehension skills are clearly lacking.

Ultimately, PropCulture is going to be my coping mechanism. My life is great, don’t get me wrong, but having an outlet is always a good idea.  I’ll use this place to vomit out what my brain is thinking on a given day.  I’m hoping for some healthy back and forth from a naturally growing community built by sharing what you see here with your friends – even the crazy ones who believe in supply side economics and cutting social welfare programs.  I love debate and have been known to have a strong opinion or two.

I’ll add social login and reciprocity here soon, meaning you can post here with FaceBook (since that’s where most people exist these days) and it’ll show up both places.  There will also be other login options, or you can just lurk.

So, welcome to PropCulture.

*Jurassic Park theme*

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