The United States of Russia and Professional Wrestling Fandom

The United States of Russia and Professional Wrestling Fandom

After this week’s treasonous shitshow in Helsinki, where the President of the United States offered full and complete surrender to his bosses in Russia (or didn’t if you believe the denial, which also may or may not have also been misspoken), there were many HOT TAKES from elected officials within the GOP, aka the Guilty Old Party.

Here is where I link what’s going on in American politics to professional wrestling as I’m known to do.

No one hates wrestling more than wrestling fans. We are an entirely unpleasable bunch, constantly finding something to complain about even when the writing is top notch.

Oh, everything is great at the top? I’d better bitch online about a less popular wrestler’s current storyline that I didn’t really care about until this very moment. This happens in many fandoms; it is quite common among fans of A Song of Ice and Fire to do the same (though we, as a group, have moved on to bitching less about what is in the content and more to the fact that we are apparently not getting any more content) as well as fans of nearly all critically acclaimed television shows.

In professional wrestling, fans of the WWE have legitimate complaints, particularly with how the company (and when I say company, I mean Vince McMahon, the owner) is writing for the top stars. You see, all storylines have come to a grinding halt so Vince’s pet project can continue, unabated, into its fifth year. This would not be a problem if a majority of the fans hadn’t rejected the idea for the last several years.

As fans, what do we do? We go to r/squaredcircle and threaten to stop watching. We complain. We whine.

Ultimately, though? We keep watching. The ratings aren’t dropping, and the company is successful enough to have recently agreed to a half a billion dollar television deal for less than half its product. The deal is with Fox. The WWE has finally reached the mainstream.

Just like the GOP’s racist platform.

So, where’s the connection? The similarities exist in John McCain, Jeff Flake, Bob Corker, Susan Collins, Ben Sasse, and every other Republican who has spoken out against Trump’s treasonous acts.  Each has issued statements condemning what Trump said during the Russian press conference, saying they trust and believe the United States’s intelligence community’s assertion that Russian interfered in the 2016 elections.

And then, they kind of all went about their days.

I get that the average American attention span is roughly the amount of time it takes to read a single tweet, but each of these enabling GOP assholes is trying to play the “I love America” card while continuing to support and push the entire Trump agenda.  Jeff Flake is on record as saying he won’t consider delaying Supreme Court justice nominations.  Maverick John McCain maverickly mavericked a statement against Trump and then faded away, like a maverick.

Paul Ryan said he’s sure the Russians interfered, but it basically doesn’t matter because he wants to continue to kick homeless men in the balls.

Rand Paul actually supported Trump, so good for him for sticking to his disgusting positions.

So remember, everyone, there are no heroes in the GOP.  They give strongly worded statements, just like I do every Monday night around 10:15pm about never watching the WWE again because it’s awful.  They wake up the next morning and continue to support a Russian asset as the leader of the United States, just like I tune in, every week, and support a product I really don’t even care for anymore.

As a wrestling fan, there’s always New Japan.  As an American, I need to make sure my passport is current.

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