Too Much of a Bad Thing

Too Much of a Bad Thing

Every day, I wake up and while I’m getting ready, I make the mistake of checking Twitter.

I formed that habit a long time ago, when staying current with the news was a good thing or, at minimum, had no impact. These days, though, man. It’s hard getting through brushing my teeth without wondering why I need to be embarrassed, frightened, or a combination of both due to the incompetency at the top.

This fucking guy.

This week, Herr Trump is shitting on the media on a global stage in Davos and being roundly booed for it. This distracted from a story, confirmed even by Fox News, that he tried firing Robert Mueller last July. That was only shortly after he’d paid off the porn star, likely with campaign funds. I’m missing about 100 other things too, and I can’t even blame the FBI’s secret society, because it was a literal joke between employees who were texting each other… but the FBI deleted those texts… until they didn’t because it was an easily debunked conspiracy theory and the deleted texts impacted many, many users on the same network with the same phones.

Outside of Twitter and Facebook, I’ve never used a medium like this to express anything political. I brought this site out of my mind’s mothballs to scratch the writing itch that I had in that arena. I’m now wondering if I can keep up.

Simply taking in the (mainly embarrassing) news coming from Washington is a Herculean task. My brain nearly melted this morning when I was trying to pick a single thing to focus on. (Side note: I end sentences with prepositions. Don’t bring that argument to me, I’ll smack you down.) As I mature as a curator and this site grows, I’ll get better.

In the meantime, scattershot writing may be a thing until I learn how to chase one thing at a time.

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